Selling a Property – How Conveyancing Solicitors Can Help

Whether you’re downgrading from your big house to a modest one, or your budget has become quite tight that you need to have some sort of financial allowance, selling your house can prove to be difficult at times – especially when good buyers are quite hard to find.

More so, selling a property can become a challenge when completing the surrounding legal tasks is just too much for you. This is why you need a conveyancing solicitor who can find the proper workaround for your property sale to be successful.

But if you’re unfamiliar with what this legal process is and how a conveyancer can help ease your worries, here’s your chance to get yourself familiar with it.

What is conveyancing?

Simply put, this is the legal process of making sure that the property’s ownership is transferred from your name to the buyer’s.

What are conveyancing solicitors?

They are the ones who ensure that the conveyancing process is carried out according to regulations and quality standards.

What do they do the help you as a property seller?

Generally, as soon as you instruct your conveyancing solicitor to act on your behalf throughout the sale, they should carry out the following tasks for you:

  • Verify the Property’s Title – They will coordinate with the Land Registry and let the buyer know that the property is good to be sold and that the title deeds are verified
  • Sort Out the Contract – Your conveyancing solicitor should write a draft of the contract containing the terms of the sale and edit as necessary
  • Address Property Enquiries Made by the Buyer – They will coordinate with you to get the details about the property to address questions made by the buyer through their conveyancing solicitor
  • Be in Charge of the Funds – Your conveyancing solicitor will hold the monies forwarded by the buyer (through their conveyancer) that will cover the deposit and balance payment (from the mortgage funds) for the property
  • Provide Sound Legal Advice – Especially when faced with quite complex transaction issues, your conveyancer should be able to set your expectations and find a workaround to get the problems sorted.

How can you find the right conveyancing solicitor?

When it comes to selecting a conveyancer to help you with selling your house, you can try finding one based in the local area as they more familiar with the local property laws and regulations. This will tremendously help with potentially fast-tracking the transfer.

You might also want to consider recommendations from family members and friends who have worked with a competent conveyancing solicitor. This way, you’ll very likely know what they’re on about and how good they are.

But if you still want to have other options, and you want someone who can provide the best value for your money and then some, shop around on the Internet. Ask for a few conveyancing quotes from different conveyancers that you can compare and choose from. Just make sure that you thoroughly check the pricing structure to set your budget and find out what you need to pay upfront and how much you should expect to pay in the end. Remember not to settle for the cheap adverts and make sure to lift the phone and make your enquiries to get the details.