8 Ways to Find Out if Your Conveyancer is Good Enough

The UK conveyancing market has been known for the longest time to be an absolute drag. On top of that, property buyers and sellers have had their share of complaints of the service being too complex and expensive.

Having said that, finding a conveyancer that ensures a seamless, hassle-free, and cost-efficient service can be challenging. But not until the online conveyancing services have become more competitive. These days, you’ll find out worth your time carefully choosing a good conveyancer.


To be quite sure of your choice, you should know that a good conveyancing solicitor should be able to do the following for you:

  • Reasonably speed up the process for you.
  • Reduce the risks of the transaction falling through.
  • Ensure a seamless and stress-free conveyancing process as possible.

What’s even better is that we have collected 8 of the best tips to help you through in finding out if you are actually looking at a really good conveyancer to help you with buying or selling a property.

  1. Conveyancing should be their specialisation. Whilst there is no written rule that solicitors should only work on one field in their practice, it is always best that you choose someone well-versed in the field. Their experience in conveyancing should speak for the kind of service you’ll get. You can choose a lawyer who works on all kinds of cases, but you can never be sure of how long the process can drag on in their hands as they need to switch their own minds on to something else every now and then. Solicitors specialising in other legal fields may not be the best conveyancer for you.
  2. You should be informed of who should look after your transaction. When hiring a sizable firm, you should be given a direct line to the conveyancer in charge of your case. More so,there should be a dedicated team of admin and paralegal to get things sorted for you – before the licensed conveyancer verifies everything.
  3. They should at least have a fairly advanced way of communicating with you. More so, there should be an online case tracking system for you to check the status of your case. With the kind of technology that we have these days, it is not uncommon for conveyancers to be able to give you updates via email, SMS, etc.
  4. Conveyancers should at least be able to offer you a no-move-no-fee service. This kind of offer maybe bit vague, as a conveyancer may already have paid for some disbursements whilst working on your case. In this instance, and if the transaction falls through right in the middle of everything, a good conveyancer should at lease waive the basic fees for you.
  5. A good conveyancer offers a fixed fee for their services. Yes, that’s how competitive the conveyancing market has become these days. No more hourly charges for conveyancing – not even percentages of how much the property was bought or sold for! With a fixed amount that you are quoted for their basic fees, you should be able to set your budget properly.
  6. They should be approved by mortgage panels. This one’s a bit crucial especially when you’re buying through a home loan. Your lender will have your conveyancer do some work for them to check on a few legal matters. Hence, if you chose someone not on their approved panel, they will assign someone to work on it at your expense.
  7. A good conveyancer can work beyond the 9-5 working hours. It’s not quite crucial, but it can make things more convenient if you need to instruct them quite quickly during after-hours. It doesn’t necessarily have to be close to midnight, but at least, a good conveyancer can ideally be available to talk and receive instructions a couple of hours after 5 or most of the weekend.
  8. A “Client Care Letter” must be provided to you upfront. As soon as you decide on instructing a conveyancer, they should be able to provide you this, letting you know of the cost breakdown and description of their services. If they’re not in place, you have every reason to be in doubt. And always remember that you will only be committed to their service after you signed and returned the letter to them.

If you’re looking to check out conveyancing prices from different firms, you might as well want to check out our quotes by clicking on the image below.